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Estate planning – vital for all – including business owners!

There’s no escaping the fact that one day we are all going to die. While I don’t wake up every morning thinking about my inevitable demise, I do have plans in place to ensure my wishes are carried out when I am no longer here. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission estimates that [...]

How being watched by others changes your behaviour

My identical twin brother’s sons-in-law is a television camera operator and has years of experience filming people and events from all over the world. From videotaping athletes at the Sochi Winter Paralympics to recording Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, he has experienced first-hand what most of us intuitively know – people behave [...]

Fun at work

There are many ways to increase productivity and build a united team in your business. Having fun at work is one way to achieve these goals. During COVID, many staff worked remotely, and many have still not returned full time to the office and that may be the case for a long time [...]

Rethinking the Future

The importance of strategic planning. Strategic planning gives any board and its senior management an opportunity to step back from the hustle-and-bustle of daily operations and think strategically about where they want to take their business. In all organisations, planning can seem a distant priority when pressure is mounting to produce immediate results. [...]

The Art of Great Negotiations – NOV 2022

Facts are not enough - The art of great negotiations. You are about to debate an important issue with a colleague or client with whom you have a differing perspective. You have developed a strong case to support your viewpoint and it’s backed up by hard, irrefutable data. Even though you’re confident that [...]

Sum Zero Folly – OCT 2022

Sum Zero Game Folly – Game Theory. Have you ever watched two cars playing head-to-head chicken? The first to swerve loses the game. Let’s suppose that neither driver chickens out and both stay on a straight-line course. They both “win” by crashing into each other. Consider two swimmers who are ferocious competitors. One [...]

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