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Understanding property cycles and their impact.

“I should have bought that house five years ago. It’s now gone up 20%. If only I knew.” Property prices will always rise and fall but never in a neatly defined cyclical pattern. That’s why understanding property cycles is important if you buy and sell property - even if it’s only a [...]

Converting information to knowledge – then knowledge to power

How do you get your construction or development loan approved quickly and efficiently? When I was undertaking my final high school studies in the mid-70s, I asked my teacher which “modern history” topics would be on the exam paper. Her response was that she did not know, but she said to me [...]

Evolution Not Revolution

Pooled V’s Contributory commercial mortgage funds - In 2021 which is best and why? Evolution is not the exclusive domain of living things such as plants and animals and humankind itself. Importantly, evolution also extends to things that we humans make as well as systems and processes that we develop. Whilst natural [...]

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